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Tjan Yi Xuan

pianist | composer | hornist


About Me

Tjan Yi Xuan (b. 2003) is a Singaporean composer, pianist and hornist. He has always been passionate about music, learning piano from Jeunesse Tan from 2009 - 2018 and Shawn Neo from 2019 - 2021, but discovered his love for composition in his JC years under the tutelage of Mr Lee Ji Heng and Mrs Joanne Yeo Tan. Ever since, he has been exploring composition on many frontiers, from contemporary classical to neo-Romantic and even music for media. He will be matriculating into the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music to read a major in composition in August 2024.


Yi Xuan has worked with various musicians and groups as composer, like Andreas Marinello, Weird Aftertaste Music, What The Forte, and a co-initiated startup High-Key.


Passionate about using the gift of music to bless others, he actively plays as a keyboardist in church and hornist in Re:Cinta Wind Symphony, and has done multiple personalised arrangements of popular songs for others. He is also involved in other co-initiated music projects like High-Key and Re:Cinta Wind Symphony, both of which are youth startups pushing for innovation and inclusivity for young composers and wind players alike.


When not thinking about music, Yi Xuan explores other disciplines like graphic design, video editing and coding, and also gives back to the community through private tutoring and volunteering activities.

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