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solo / chamber

Chaotic Swing for jazz quartet (2021)

Clicks for brasses, percussion and synthesiser (2021)

Levels for wind quintet (2021)

1.36-north for solo piano (2021)

Four Miniatures for modified string quintet (2022)

entropy I for solo alto saxophone (2023)

entropy II for Pierrot ensemble (2023)

entropy III for solo horn (2023)

entropy IV for viola, cello and electronics (2024)

entropy V  for piano, bassoon and keyboard (2024)

Eras of Pathos for reed quintet (2023)

large ensembles

1.36-north for orchestra (2024)

solo / chamber

Rascal Flatts: God Bless the Broken Road for piano and tenor saxophone (2023)

Laufey: Promise for solo piano (2023)

large ensembles

Laufey: Nocturne for piano and orchestra (2024)

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