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entropy II

for Pierrot ensemble


Mundanity is present everywhere in life, whether at work, play, relationships, or other areas. We do something in hopes of relieving this mundanity, like trying out a new skill, going on a vacation, or finding love, but city life always reverts to the mundane routine of sitting at a desk from 9 - 5pm, enduring the naggy bosses, putting up with politics at the workplace…
entropy II evokes this idea by presenting a Mundanity refrain which recurs in a rondo form, with episodes exploring many different styles ranging from Baroque music to modernism, which all lead up to the Mundanity refrain without fail. I expressed the incessantness of mundanity through the use of “ceaseless” repetition inspired by the various MRI scans I have gone through.

entropy IITjan Yi Xuan
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