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entropy IV

for viola, cello and electronics


Friendships in life go through a series of ups and downs, and unfortunately in some instances, fall apart due to conflicts, ideological differences and much more. Such fallouts cause complex feelings and issues when a third party, still amicable with the estranged pair, is “caught in the crossfire” of the unfolding “cold war” between the pair. entropy IV was written as a musical response to personal experiences of such breakdowns, and my desire for ultimate peace between all parties.
The music is centred around two notes, C and G, corresponding to the open strings on the viola and cello, beginning with a serene, atmospheric sound world. Bit by bit, differences appear, first in timbre, then in pitch content, evolving into a blend of complex, dissonant harmonies and noise-sounds.
At a certain point, the emotional weight of the “cold war” becomes so difficult to handle that the third party — now a mediator — starts getting weary, eventually giving up. The polychords develop into tone clusters, and “horror-reminiscent” chime sounds are introduced and gradually distorted, reaching a maximum point, where the electronics come to a halt.
The “cold war” goes on and on, with only echoes of the ongoing conflict from another dimension heard (in the live electronics), fading to a false silence…

entropy IVTjan Yi Xuan
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